So you want to make money online?

It sounds perfect right, you wake up plop down in front of the computer and bam – you see you just made 1000 dollars overnight.

Pretty cool huh?

For some lucky people that is exactly what happens, but for many many others they wake up to a big fat zero in their affiliate accounts.

How is it that some people “have all the luck” and others seem to struggle over and over and over?

I feel your pain, I’ve been in both ends of the spectrum and let me tell you there is no better feeling than waking up and seeing more money in your accounts.

I can also tell you exactly how it feels to wake up to zeros – the frustration, anger, disappointment, sadness and even despair when the bills pile up and one more online course doesn’t pan out.

Now, many affiliates will tell you just get a mentor who walks the walk – Easier said than done. Sure you could buy an expensive course from any number of gurus that make a lot of promises but usually don’t deliver.

Or, you could pay 10’s of thousands of dollars for private coaching. Let’s face it even though one on one mentor ship is priceless I’m guessing if you had 50k to drop on a dream of financial freedom there are better ways of doing so.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t love to sit down with a highly successful online entrepreneur like John Crestani, Chris Luck, Aiden Booth or Richard Brunson. Having them teach me first hand how to create financial freedom from the comfort of my home would be fantastic, but let’s face it I’m not about to sell my home in order to afford a few days with them.

What’s the solution then? Unfortunately the best way is to buy an expensive course and work hard until it works. The problem is not every opportunity is right for everyone.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is key to finding the right online opportunity for you.

The Internet has created more millionaires than at anytime in history so the possibilities are endless. It just takes some people more hard work than others.

When you do start your money making adventure just make sure you stick with it until you see results. The number one reason for failure in Internet marketing is giving up.

Don’t let roadblocks and setbacks discourage you to the point of quitting. Before long 1 dollar turns into 10 which turns into 100 which you guessed it turns into 1000 when you wake up groggy eyed looking at your computer screen in happy disbelief.