6 Significant Reasons For Switching Your Business To WordPress Now

Are you one of those who is still not sure about whether to switch your business to WordPress or not? Well, then its high time that you learn about this most popular content management system in the world. Though began in the year of 2003, it has become an instant hit among thousands and hundreds of business owners. Here are the 6 most significant reasons that you should make the switch immediately.

Its Absolutely Free and Easy

Whether you are launching your business website or blog, this CMS platform comes totally free and is extremely user-friendly. There are no hidden charges as well that may get revealed later. No matter how popular your business become or how vastly it grows, using this open source platform will always be free.

Its Very Much Safe

Online security is probably the thing that every business owner looks for while taking their business online. It is through WordPress that you can be sure to maintain the safety of your website. Though being an extremely popular CMS, it is indeed the target of many hackers, but this platform keeps on regularly updating itself to keep it free from any security breaches.

It Provides Great Support

The great unprecedented support this platform provides is also another reason that one should consider switching the business to it immediately. No matter what part you’re stuck with or what problems you’re facing in managing your website, its community of experts is there to help you out with any concerns and issues.

Its Mobile Friendly

For reaching out to more people, it has become necessary for every website to be mobile friendly. And, it is with WordPress youll never need to be worried about the responsiveness of your site in mobiles. By offering various mobile responsive themes, it makes sure that your website stays as easily accessible from mobiles at it is from computers.

Its Easily Customizable

Another major perk of opting for this CMS platform is its easily customizable option. As it offers hundreds and thousands of website themes and plugins, all you have to is click on the preferred one and youll get a fresh look instantly.

Its Friendly with Search Engines

This CMS platform has such a brilliant framework that most of the popular search engines find easier to crawl. Therefore, those websites that are powered by this CMS tool naturally gets better ranking in the SERPs.

WordPress can turn out to be extremely effective and helpful for your business website, as it possesses countless powerful features and functionalities, which are essential for making a strong online presence.

Advice On How To Organise A Successful Evening Business Event

Successful evening business events do not just happen, they are meticulously organised and prepared. If you are going to be hosting an evening business event, there are a number of steps that you should take to ensure that it is a success. Getting advice from a themed evening event organiser will help you avoid any of the mistakes that you could make on your own.

Decide On Your Target Audience

The people who are going to attend the event are vital to the success of the night. This is why you need to clearly define who your target audience is so that you can make your decisions with them in mind. Structuring your approach to the event around what the guests will want allows you to achieve your goals and ensure that the scope of the event does not become too broad.

Make A List Of All The Details

When you decide to have a business event, everything matters and you need to write it all down. Making a list of all the details from the parking to the program content is vital to the success of the event. Having your list will ensure that you do not overlook anything and that you can keep track of where you are with everything.

Have A Clear Business Purpose For The Event

Before you start planning your event, you need to be clear on why you are hosting it at all. Are you looking to generate leads or do you want to create awareness for a particular product? The reason for the event needs to be at the core of your planning. If you forget about the purpose of the event the scope that you use in the planning might creep away from this and it will not be successful.

Look Out For Other Industry Events

When planning your event, you need to check the calendar. You do not want to plan your event too close to bank holidays or popular travel times. You also do not want to conflict with other events that your target guests might be attending. Direct competition with another event within your industry should be avoided when possible.

Know Your Limitations For The Event

A lot of people assume that a successful evening event will be an extravagant one, but this is not always true. Additionally, you may not be able to host the large event that you want based on the resources that you have available. Knowing your limitations will ensure that you do not plan an event that you cannot deliver.

To overcome some of the limitations that you have, you need to consider the size of the event and the budget that you have. When planning a large evening event, you need to start months in advance to ensure that you have enough time to get everything done. When you have a limited budget, you will need to be creative in your spending and put in a lot of DIY work to cover the deficits.

Your Web Site Is Not A Magic Wand

You need to put an honest effort into driving traffic to your website-learn how!

Alright, youve got your brand-new Web site, and it looks great. So why arent you getting any visitors? Because its not a magic wand. You need to dedicate a portion of your marketing to driving traffic to your site. You can look at your marketing campaign as a fishing boat. Each marketing element – newsletters, news releases, PPC campaign, pop-ups – can be considered a line in the water. And with every additional line in the water, you increase your chances of catching a big one. The best solution is found in a mix of marketing, online and offline, but well keep it simple and just discuss online options for now.

How to Get Prospects to Click Through and Purchase

Lets start with Google Adwords (sponsored search), these are the ads found in the highlighted box at the top of the page and listed along the right side of the search results page. Google obviously knows what theyre doing, and their solutions tend to be very user-friendly, so they are a great place for even the greenest online marketers to start. With your analytics and sponsored search in place, youre ready to start receiving traffic to your site.

Now, when a consumer clicks on your online ad, your analytics should track their path through your site. So if you want them to purchase a product, its a good idea to test going directly to the landing page that deals with that product or the specific offer youre promoting. Its crucial to realize that it shouldnt be a free-for-all once people land on your site. Too many people get so excited about the prospect of driving traffic to their site that they forget that visitors need their hands held throughout your site. So youve got to track their behavior from page to page.

Analyze, Optimize and Convert

As with any marketing, youve got to constantly look at your activity and find areas of improvement – analyze, optimize and convert. With the proper Web metrics in place, you should be able to track your online activity. With this in mind, your site should be set up with a linear path of actions in mind. Sites created on HubSpot have an advantage over their competitors, as advanced analytic tools are built into the software.

Imagine the following path: Your visitor first clicks on to your home page, they then click through on a call-to-action that asks them to read more about a specific product, after reading a convincing sales pitch they then click through to your order form… Then poof! Theyre gone!

Now, if you werent tracking them in the first place, youd have no idea at which point, which page, you lost them. But you were, so we know you lost them at the order-form page. Now youve got a fine-tuned microscope with which to dissect your order-form page.

This would be a good time to perform split tests with your order forms, creating different versions of the page to test which ones convert at a higher ratio. For example, the forms directions could be too difficult, the required information could be too intrusive, or your pricing may be too high. Test, test, test until you find what works best. And then test some more.

What do you want your customers to do?

Before you even begin marketing online and testing your results, make sure you know exactly who youre targeting. With a detailed profile of your ideal client or target audience, youll be able to precisely fashion the calls-to-action on your Web site – understand what is that you want your visitors to do, and who those visitors are.

Part of that approach is accurately marketing to the geographic region within which you operate. Some businesses are wasting their money by advertising on Google on a nationwide basis when in fact they only serve small local regions. If youre limited to a physical area of commerce, look into local search options that allow you to target your marketing. In addition, targeting a specific geographic market serves to create a niche for your business; differentiate.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of different markets that you can create yourself. For example, imagine a silkscreen business: Instead of just advertising to the general populous, you could put a laser beam on class or family reunions; specific groups or scenarios that could use your product. Using this approach, you can pinpoint specific keywords that will work best for your campaign.

If you dont have your ideal client established or any testing in place, you can easily burn through your budget in a few days. So once youve taken care of your foundation, then you can move on to traffic solutions.

Make This Your Best Business Year So Far

Your objective as a business owner must be to build an enterprise which is not contingent on any special variable or dependent on any particular professional, including you. To make it possible for your company to progress, you need to remove all restraining concerns which constrict its success. The thing is, if your company depends on you primarily for it to develop outside its prevailing limits, and even for its very survival, then it is constrained to the measure of your skilfulness as well as by your degree of ingenuity. As the owner of a business, placing a spotlight on creating and encouraging a group readily able for extending your organisation will be the thing that sets up a change in direction between a foreseeable, average level of growth this year and a firm that’s open to serious accomplishment.

Stay focused on what you do well

Seeking to minimize expenses by doing every single thing on your own is a newbie mistake in business. The fact is, a lot of business owners that try to do everything by themselves fail to save much, if any finances, and they just become delayed, with things that are not the main capabilities of their establishment. By succumbing to the idea of believing that doing many things themselves can safeguard their profits, they diffuse their energy and attention and it can also come to be an expensive error for them and their organization. As an example, does it make sense to devote your time sanitizing your own organization, or would you be much better off engaging a cleaner? If you calculate the total hours used up cleaning and maintenance and put in this precious time on your core business capacities, you would likely discover you gain more than you outlay.

Don’t leave your IT to chance

Whenever you require computer disaster recovery for your business, you cannot afford to leave things to chance. Whenever your firm’s information systems come to be infected, the consequences are extensive. That’s why you should make certain that you are ready with a cloud computer system disaster recovery service for back-up. If ever the worst case arises and you have a disaster recovery process in effect, your firm could be back up and running, virtually uninterrupted, in as little as a few hours!

Attract A lot more Clients

Fix Your Web Presence

Optimise Your Site in order to Advance Your Local Ranking in Serps

Assuming that you intend to improve local hits on your site you must optimise your online resources the right way. One tactic to achieve this is to receive high quality, relevant citations to your web site. Citations still remain weighty as a ranking factor for Search. Even so, they will only be effectual when they are authoritative and pertinent to your niche. For example, authority directories in your niche or geographic location. Your citations should really display just like they are on your Google My Business listing. combining citations and Google map results in this way produces more trust in the eyes of Google.

Responsive Websites Provide a Far Better Client Experience

Online resources that have fixed themes tend to run over the page and end up having tiny fonts on cell phones making things very difficult to comprehend. Website visitors will need to scroll and pinch the screens to surf the webpage. This triggers an extremely aggravating user experience as well as higher bounce rates. On the other hand with a responsive site, your website visitors will be able to easily browse and read documents on their mobile phones, and if they are finding what they are looking for effortlessly they’ll be more inclined to search your site longer and therefore be more likely to do business with you.

Go Through Your Web-Page Content and Add Suitable Key Phrases

When you increase the variety of high quality, relevant key words utilized on your site it can expand your sites presence in Google. The name of the city of your clients is an excellent primary keyword, particularly if fused with more good quality keyphrases pertaining to details your customers might look for. Use appropriate key phrases within the copy, but stay away from over using your most desirable keywords as Google can penalise an unnatural use of keywords and this will hurt your rank in the serps.

Network Locally

Given that your main objective is to catch up with contacts inside your field, then you most certainly need to catch a networking function. Have you got some good old fashioned in person networking gatherings to assist with your promotional push?

Criminal And Commercial London Solicitor Firms

While individuals need protection and assistance with legal matters, so do business entities. There are several reasons that you might find yourself seeking UK commercial law firms, and you need to make sure you find the proper one for your case. Otherwise, you could end up wasting precious time and money.

The first thing you will need to do in your research is to find out which law firms handle the type of legal case you have. For instance, are you involved in real estate matters, or is your business in a different sector. If you are charged with a criminal offence in relation to your business, see this page for instructions on how to hire a firm with experience in the specific type of crime you are accused of (e.g. fraud). Because of the complexities of the law, law firms specialize in particular areas in order to best serve their clients. Making certain that the law firms are extensively versed in the areas you need simply makes good sense.

Once you have composed a list of at least three UK commercial law firms who meet that criteria, you will need to begin researching them. Check out their websites to see what types of claims they make. What is their experience and how long has the firm been open? If you can’t find updated information on their website, scratch them from your list.

Next, you will need to check out the reputations of each of the commercial law firms in the UK that are still on your list. Go to your favorite search engine and enter the name of each firm. Add “review” to the end of your search query. Read through several of the search results in order to get an idea of the type of experience former clients report having. In regards to commercial law firms, you might not get a lot of information.

If that is the case, you can also check old news articles that feature the firms. Use your search engine and click on the news filter in order to find these more easily. Make sure that you are only clicking on reliable news websites and not satire or otherwise inaccurately informed posts.

Contact the UK commercial law firms that are still on your list and arrange for a consultation appointment. You can then compare the offerings of each, including the fees being charged and their general attitude toward serving you as a client. Use that information to decide which of them you want to represent your business. The time you spend in research will pay off in the long run!

About the Graphic Design Business

Starting a successful graphic design business goes beyond having the knowledge of being a good designer yourself; there are a lot more factors that surround the chances of getting started in this venture. First and foremost, you need to develop confidence in yourself, come up with a portfolio, setting up your price; there is a lot you will need to do to get started. However, this should not scare you; the benefits you can reap from graphic design business are worth the hard work.

At the outset, any job is exciting and any client is a chance to prove to yourself and your doubting Thomas that you ARE good enough to be a professional designer.

(And that’s okay. Food isn’t free.)

Soon enough, though, you’re going to get tired of working long hours for peanuts, dealing with a demanding client you can’t afford to ditch, and working on projects you really don’t enjoy.

In order to get those ideal clients and projects you’ll need to start a successful design business, you need a portfolio of your best work. Remember: quality, not quantity!

However, if you’re just starting out, stellar portfolio pieces can be hard to come by.

Set your pricing

This is easily one of the most challenging aspects of starting your own design business: determining what you’re going to charge.

And the catch is, it’s never resolved. 10-year veterans still fret over whether or not they’re charging enough, how to charge more, and if they’re selling themselves short.

Get to work!

The last hurdle is what we often call ‘freelancing fear.’ (Here’s what causes it and how to overcome it.)

As crazy as it sounds, once you’ve started your design business, it’s not uncommon to be afraid – or terrified – of those first projects or client calls.

But you’ve got to pick up the phone, and you’ve got to accept those projects despite the butterflies making a jumble of your stomach.

Sourced from: http://millo.co/starting-your-own-design-business-how-to

Becoming a successful graphic designer business owner can be a great way of making a lifetime breakthrough. To achieve what you are working towards in this field, however, depends on a number of considerations that you will have to take on-board. You don’t have to go through a design school though; all you need is identifying the importance of your skills in the business. More importantly, you will need to ensure that your ideas are original and unique, and you are good to go.

First: How important are your own skills in your business? If you want to start a graphic design studio, for example, and you are the only graphic designer for the business, you can’t be successful if your background is made up of a few online Photoshop tutorials. Your friends might consider your work awesome, but this doesn’t mean that you’re a graphic designer, nor that you can match client needs.

Second: The idea. If you’re sure your idea is original, then you can start as soon as possible. In this case you might need a team of creatives that can support the idea. You will inevitably deal with another factor, money. A good graphic designer could start a design studio with a low budget, based on his skills. While a person with just an idea can’t realize it without a support staff, which costs money.

Regarding my experience, I started with no budget, and with no experience working on client projects. This is why I spent the first few months making errors and learning. The reason for why I didn’t wait was the opportunity I saw in the market for premium design resources. I couldn’t wait.

Sourced from: http://wegraphics.net/blog/articles/how-to-become-a-self-made-graphic-designer-run-your-own-business/

Being a successful graphic designer is never as easy as many take it to be. Actually, for many, the opposite turns out to be more prevalent than the assumption. This field has its own challenges that its practitioners have to brace and learn the ways to handle them for them to make it in this business. Most of these challenges, however, are normal as in many other businesses, although they may have different magnitude to different people. As much as you may be prepared for success, you should as well be prepared for anything along the way.

Working as a Graphic Designer is not as glorified as many make it out to be. Sure we sit behind our fancy computer setups, sketching ‘pretty pictures’ in our Moleskin notebooks and can do business from the comforts of our own homes, but it can also be one of the most stressful, involving and cutting edge jobs out there.

As a designer you are constantly trying to improve. In this industry if you are standing still, you’re falling behind; you are constantly expanding your portfolio, your designs, your knowledge, your career and more.


Managing expectations. Not only do we expect the best from ourselves, but our clients do as well (with good reason). Convincing those in power that a winning concept cannot necessarily be immediately conjured out of thin air is a challenge.

The reality that everyone has an opinion on what looks good/right. A patient would never tell the doctor how to fix their broken bone… nor would a customer tell a mechanic how to fix their oil leak, but a business owner will definitely tell their designer that emerald green and yellow would be the best colors for their corporate identity.

Sourced from: http://www.thedesigncubicle.com/2009/05/hardest-part-of-being-a-graphic-designer/