Content creation is not an easy task in digital marketing. After a few dozen articles, a content writer would start looking for inspiration and ideas for new content. There are different ways of writing the same thing, but when users meet such repetition in content, even when good ideas are presented, they get bored and after some time, stop visiting a website.

There are different sources which can be used for creating content in digital marketing SEO agency. It is up to the writer to decide from where he can gain the most inspiration from Single-Grain.

Bad Reviews Of The Business

Some companies just prefer to bury the bad reviews or sweep them under the rug Search-Engine-Journal. If a user complains about a product or service on social media and a company doesnt address their concern in any way, then it would be a problem for the company. The bad reviews of customers should be a source of inspiration for the digital marketing content writers. They can address customer concerns and try to remove any misconceptions that have arisen.

For example, if two customers are facing the same problem with a product, as in they dont know how to use it, then the digital marketing content writer should write a small e-book or digital manual guidelines for using the product. This would not only address customer concerns, but would give the writer new content to write.

Engagement Between Audiences

The content is always targeted towards the customer, which is why it should be created keeping in mind what they want to read. The two best ways to find out what people are talking about, is to go to Reddit and Quora, and see the questions that people are asking. There is always a new topic of conversation between people, where they have differences of opinion on digital marketing channels.

If a content writer addresses the topics that are currently under discussion, writes articles or blog posts over them, that would settle well with their target audience. They would feel that the company understands the customer, and is up to date about the trending topics.

Teams Within The Company

When writing content for digital marketing platforms, it is also best to communicate with the teams within the company. These teams include sales department, customer service department and those who spend a lot of time on the field.

The sales department would know about the product in which customers are more interested, and the marketer would create content to make it more popular among customers. Similarly, those people who do field work, like visit customers personally, would know the questions that customers ask them frequently, and which could be addressed through digital marketing platforms.

Social Media Discussions

This is similar to engagement between the target audience, but it covers every social media platform that the target audience uses frequently. It is an effective source for gaining inspiration to write digital marketing content Marketo.