SEO is the practice of designing content, which will make a website or page rank higher in search engine results. The search engines act like gatekeepers to content posted by Chicago SEO Expert, which is why a website should be well optimized to attract organic traffic and increase the following of visitors.

Finding The Right Keywords

In order to carry out a keyword search for YouTube videos, the best thing is to use the search engine on YouTube, and type in a single word or phrase. When a user does this, they can see suggestions from YouTube that are related to what the user typed in. For example, if someone types in public speaking, then they will get suggestions like public speaking anxiety, ted talks, courses and techniques.

The suggested keywords shows a marketer that these are the terms that people search along with the main keywords. This is how a marketer would know what types of videos to make and what to discuss in them. For example, if a motivational speaker wants to start his own YouTube channel, and he wants to address the public speaking, then he can make videos regarding how public speaking can create anxiety, skills people need to develop and techniques that they should use.

High Retention Video

The video that a marketer uploads on YouTube should be of high retention. This means, that when a person clicks on a video, then they stick around to watch it fully. They dont stop the video within the first few seconds, and switch to another, but stay and engage with it. The videos that make an impact on people, they comment and like such videos, which makes YouTube, show that video on the top of search results.

The key to making a video is not just high resolution or using a good camera, it is to make it interesting and helpful. For example, there are videos on YouTube with titles like, how to insert SIM in a smartphone; however, the problem usually with such videos are that they dont show how to do something, until the very last second of the video and when the audience sees that there is nothing valuable in the video from the start, they switch to another video.

Length Of The Video

When users browse their search results, they often open those videos that are longer than two minutes, if they are looking for a solution. If a video is short, like thirty seconds, then the user will form the impression that such a short video is just a click bait, and it cant be used to solve a problem. However, a lengthy video doesnt mean that it should be an hour long; a proper video would be something that has good content in it, and is under 20 minutes. The length of the video should depend on the nature of the video; an online video guide might seem proper if it is an hour long, but a video about how to upload a video on YouTube should be shorter.

Title Of The Video

The titles of the video, according to SEO guidelines, should include the proper keywords. It should be longer than 5 words, but not too long. Some marketers make the mistake of using a creative title, but not including a description that explains what the video is about. The benefit of

having a description underneath the video, is that the marketer can include relevant keyword or phrases in it as well. This description would tell Google what a video is about, and it wont appear to be spam.

Promoting YouTube Videos

YouTube has made it possible to promote their videos on social media websites and other websites. All they have to do is share the link to the video or mention the exact name of the video in social media posts. Quora, which is a great platform to promote SEO content, can be used for promoting SEO YouTube videos. When a marketer answers a question posted by a user, they can post the link of a video, which is relevant to the question and further elaborates on it.

Link building is an important part of SEO, and by sharing YouTube video links, this part can be made easier for SEO experts. Videos can be sorted by putting them under different categories in playlists, and the link of these playlists can be posted on different websites. When people open a playlist, they would be satisfied with seeing how each video is related to the other, and they wont have to visit any other channel.

Closed Captions

YouTube is now in the practice of transcribing videos; however, the accuracy of the transcription is pretty low, which provides video marketers with a great opportunity. They can use closed captions, which means captioning the videos on their own, so that they arent accurate and users dont face any problems. The SEO benefit of transcribing videos is that search engine crawlers, crawl text and they dont watch a YouTube video. If they are able to understand the nature of a video and its context, which has relevant keywords in it, then they will rank that video accordingly.

Translation Of The Video

SEO is all about promoting content, making it easier for search engines to crawl and index. When a video is posted, it is not necessary that only native language speakers watch them. Marketers should spend some time translating important videos in international languages that their target audience speaks. Translation in foreign languages makes a video more accessible. More people are able to enjoy a video, the video receives better views, likes and shares, and that positively impacts its ranking.

Appropriate Thumbnail

Most videos dont use appropriate thumbnails, even though they have the potential to grab the attention of a user. If the uploader doesnt add a thumbnail on his own, then YouTube will take random screenshots and make one of them the thumbnail. However, that thumbnail might not be accurate and will not relay the accuracy of the video.