If you want to work in HR, you need to have the correct qualifications. A university degree is required to enter this career. However, there are different degree levels that you can achieve depending on the type of work you want to do in HR.

An Associates Degree

An associates degree in human resources management is the minimum you need to start your career. Once you have this degree, you will be able to apply for entry-level HR positions. These positions will range in terms of specialization.

Some entry-level positions will be for basic HR generalists. However, others will focus on specific areas of HR such as assistant recruiters and HR assistants. You can also work as a development and training coordinator with this degree level.

A Bachelors Degree

There are many businesses who will not hire HR personnel who do not have a bachelors degree. These degrees will equip you with the skills and knowledge to enter the HR field in a variety of different business settings. This is due to the fact that the programs will provide a comprehensive overview of HR principle and practices as well as technology and business training.

When looking at these degrees, you need to check what modules are on offer. All universities will have slightly different courses and you need to take this into account. If you want to specialize in certain areas of HR in the future, you should look for a degree that will help with this. Ensure that the modules are focused on the area that you are looking at.

A Masters Degree

If you are planning to take on an HR leadership position, you need to have a Master of Business Administration. A masters degree in human resources will also help you get these positions. It is important to note that this degree level is only necessary if you want a high position within the HR field.

A masters degree is also recommended if you are going to work as an HR consultant. There are many companies that only hire external HR consultants who have this degree level. This degree will offer you highly specialized knowledge and skills.

If you want to enter the HR field, you need to have a degree. An associates degree is the minimum you should get, but there are some universities that offer shorter certificate programs as well. These courses are best for people already in the field who are looking for lateral movement.