Fundraising is hard enough, especially when you go about it in the traditional way, by soliciting only your loyal patrons and prospects. In most cases, these efforts are seen as old and boring. This affects the response rate as well.

A more interesting strategy to use for your fundraising activities is direct mail. There are companies and marketing agencies where you can get help with direct mail fundraising these days.

You may not have thought to tap into this kind of direct mail service, but it’s one of the most effective ways to get more people to join your cause. Heres how direct mail can help:

1. Direct mail gets direct access to the person you’re trying to reach. Unlike other forms of advertisement, direct mail is delivered straight to the intended person’s mailbox for them to open and read. They can open your mail while drinking their morning coffee, and when they’re most relaxed. It can be harder to ignore an actual physical letter than an email.

2. You can relay your message in the most eye-catching way. Most people dont like to read long letters and content. But they’re more likely to read something if it has eye-catching images and bolded text. You can do both with the help of direct mail services.

The mail you send can contain beautiful, touching images that represent your cause. You can also customize the text and the style to make it more inspiring. Youre likely to get better response if you employ a little bit of creativity with the help of a direct mail company. Start with an eye-catching design on the envelope, and continue inside your letter to help patrons notice your mail right away.

3. Its easy to communicate through direct mail. In your mail you can add your own address and contact number, or the URL to your website, so your patrons can engage and talk to you easily. You can include response envelopes that they simply drop in the mailbox, without needing to go to a post office to get stamps and similar items.

4. You can “automate” your communications. Direct mail service offers mail that you can keep sending to your supporters at a future date. This ensures that they get a reminder of the activities and events which they can sponsor or donate to. You can also send them progress reports about your fundraising through direct mail.

Seeing their achievements coming to fruition will encourage them to donate more, or help you raise more funds in the future. Just make sure to let the mail service know the right time to send the mail, and your patrons will be sure to get it.

5. It involves less work for your team. Speaking of automation, using a direct mail service means you dont have to send the mailings one by one. This frees up time for your team members to do more important things.

Using a direct mail service for your fundraising campaigns is the easiest way to connect to your patrons and supporters. Try it now, and make it easy to get more people to sponsor your fundraising campaigns.