If you’ve had enough of trying to be a one man band in your business, trying to do everything yourself, and winding up being the bottle neck that is actually getting in the way of the success that’s possible for your enterprise, then maybe it’s time to try outsourcing.

To help you move to outsourcing the most humdrum and repeatable gigs and also develop a bit more of a sense of calm and even create some order in your business life. Carry out this basic yet very beneficial exercise: Get a sheet of paper or an iPad or a drawing board or whatever you take notes on. Make two lines top to bottom to make 3 columns.

List 1: All of the activities you don’t like doing.

In the first column write those things you know have got to be done, you often contemplate them all of the day but you put them off until the cows come home and then you hurry through them. Sometimes you mess them up, though mostly you just are not keen on having to do them.

List 2: Everything you are aware of that you aren’t able to produce now.

We should take care here as business owners just because we struggle with what I refer to as superhero complex. Wherein we deludedly surmise we can do the whole catastrophe, and yes, we do have the ability to do a lot, yet there is a still going to be a bunch of actions that remarkably gifted, professional people can do much more advantageously when compared to our efforts. Anything from establishing websites or developing logos, or sales, or any number of things, there’s definitely stuff that if you want the best outcome you want to hand it over to other individuals to do.

The Last (and most critical) List: Every one of the issues that as the entrepreneur, it’s unwise for you to be taking on.

This last list is most critical because it gets you thinking properly. There are a lot of elements that we are able to do, there’s a lot of activities that we are partial to doing, nevertheless the problem is, should we really be undertaking it personally? Could it be a possibility, is it much better to choose another person to be responsible for that, so we can use the additional time as the founder of the organization truly prioritizing more pressing matters? Matters like strategizing for the expansion of the business, thinking of other services and products, taking the time (about twenty percent) to interface with customers, and so on.

There is one function every business owner in the world really should outsource immediately, if they haven’t just done so, is a generalist VA (GVA) post. A GVA is somebody that is ultimately your right hand man, and what they do is alleviate a considerable amount of the everyday anxiety of conducting your business. For instance you can hire them to fulfill functions like the moderation of feedback on your blogging site, they can filter through your emails and social media, then there’s content fact-finding, probably not the creating of the original web content, doing competitive evaluation, your internet-based research, indeed ordering trappings or gifts during the festive season, everything you can think of.