There are many different considerations that go into any search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. As any good SEO specialist can tell you, ranking a website locally is an entirely different challenge compared to any conventional campaign. While many of the general rules still do apply, it is worth noting that even the list of most important factors is going to differ radically between a small business website trying to rank locally for their main keywords versus a general site trying to rank on the national and international search results for more general topics.

Because of this, it is important for anybody looking to create a successful local SEO campaign to understand the importance of planning up front. While planning out a campaign is always an important step, there are very specific targets during a localized effort that make it even more so in those situations. This is where consulting with experts like who have the experience and expertise to guide your business forward with local SEO.

The Additional Rules
One thing that really sets apart optimization efforts for local businesses is the importance of reviews, especially via Google Reviews. While this is always an important part of building up an online clientele, there’s no question that having a large number of online reviews (especially positive ones) seems to consistently have a direct correlation to where a small business website ranks in local search engine results.

This is especially true from rankings that are done directly through Google. While a large number of positive reviews through Yelp, Angie’s List, and other common websites that have rankings can also play into this SEO benefit, however there is no question that Google’s rankings are the most important.

Make Sure To Be Fully Registered
There’s no question that a local business that wants to best their opponents needs to make sure they are fully registered with Google in all ways possible. This means actually registering with Google Businesses, Google Local Listings, and Google Maps. By making sure you register with all the specific places that Google offers specifically for local businesses and making sure all the information is consistent from place to place, you will give yourself a much better chance of success.

Make Sure Meta Data Is Solid
For local sites the meta data is all the more important from page to page, especially when it comes to attaching a local tag or location tag, so the search engines know what towns, cities, or locations that should feature the website whenever anyone from that area is looking for a specific service. The location tags need to be correct, each page needs to be properly tagged, and the meta titles of each page are very important. The meta descriptions shouldn’t be spammy but can include a basic geography tag, as well.

In Conclusion
When working on a localized SEO campaign it is critical to keep a focus on the specific traits that really set local efforts apart from the most general of campaigns. By focusing on those important differences your efforts will get a really clear leg up over the competition that is attempting to catch up to you or compete with you.